Masaaki Oyamada

I greatly value the unique inner nature of every person and I am always conscious of my connections to those qualities. In my lifetime’s project “Nice to stamp you”, I use myself as a filter to sieve the essences of people I interview and expresse those in the form of stamps. The interactive interview sessions are often experienced as a sort of therapy, but the scope of the project does not stop there. I believe that it is my mission to translate what I felt in the interview into a physical matter -in this case, a stamp- and present it to the person who I interviewed. By doing so, I hope that the person will never lose sight of who he or she is, and that by stamping the image, the person can better present his or her unique quality to others.

Nice to stamp you
Year: 2012 – present
The project “Nice to stamp you” began with the words of a person who visited my studio to order an original hand-carved stamp. She said: “Each person possesses a unique quality or ‘essence’. If people can express their essences well, they can function better (in the society) and the whole environment would also benefit from it.” As her words started to sink in, an idea rose to my mind: Maybe my stamps can also help people better express their essences…
The project was launched in 2012 with the aim to help people express who they really are with their custom-made stamps. To make sure that the stamps show the true souls of the clients, every stamp is hand-engraved after a personal interview session. I hope these stamps are helping people to better understand each other’s essences.
More info: (launch on 1th of July)

My mission is to grasp your brand vision and to process it into a single graphic image that accurately expresses your beliefs.
I have been working as a graphic designer for nearly 10 years specializing in a brand design work. The clients include both small and large companies mainly in the food and beverage sector. I also work with all kinds of startups located all around the world.

• Logo Design
• Stationary Design
• Packaging Design
• Pattern/ Wall Paper Design

B, Yamanashi, Japan. Masaaki grew up surrounded by nature at the foot of Mount Fuji and studied design in Tokyo. In 2005, he moved to Europe and started working as a graphic designer. His clients include, among others, Royal Philips.

In parallel with his work as a graphic designer, Masaaki also pursues a career as an artist. Since his solo stamp exposition in Rotterdam in 2011, he is actively involved in projects and events such as Live Stamping Performance and Excellent Post with an aim to facilitate and enrich communication between people.

Masa: 06 4353 4083

Studio at billytown
Binckhorstlaan 161
2516 BB, Den Haag
The Netherlands